FAQ & Customer Concerns

I take customer questions and concerns with thoughtful consideration, and would like to grow my business to improve our relationship. Here are some customer concerns/questions and answers based on my first season in business and customer feedback survey.

When is my order being shipped or delivered?

You will get an email to confirm that your order has been received, you will get another email when your order is being prepared for delivery, out for delivery, and again when it has been delivered. If you have ordered an item to be shipped, you will get an email confirming that your order has been shipped with tracking information, if applicable. I truly appreciate your patience in this matter; please don't send emails asking when your items will be delivered/shipped if possible---I promise that your order has not been forgotten.

If it is possible, could you offer a color scheme option instead of just size options for your bouquets? I am a fan of some colors over others.

Yes and no! I've had customers request "as many purple flowers as possible" or "can you only do a bouquet of lupines?", and I can almost always accommodate those requests. However, if I offered them as a drop down option when purchasing instead of a size, I think it would be confusing. That being said, in the "notes" option when checking out, please write down your colour request! I love love love custom orders. If you can't find the notes section, just shoot me an email after your order and we can work together on what you're looking for.

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into everything and you can totally tell that this is something you love. Also, notecards for flowers would be a cool option for gifting them.

Thank you for acknowledging that, it means so much! I've always had notecards as an option for flower, in the "notes" section on checking out, just write down what you'd like to say, or if you want a blank one, just ask for a card to be sent and I'm happy to accommodate that.

Just something to think about maybe next year hire a student for delivery. You could bring all of the arrangements for the day to Strathmore, that person could take them from there, and deliver them to houses individually. 

This year was a huge, huge learning curve for me, not only in growing flowers en masse, but learning to run a small business. In the future, our three boys will be a huge help to me in the garden (and they will be paid to help), and maybe one day I will even be able to employ a young student. Their help would definitely be more valuable to me in the garden vs. driving, but we'll see what the future holds. In all honesty, I did not charge enough for deliveries last year and I lost a lot of money in mileage (a lot!), which is what ended up making deliveries so stressful, to be honest.

If farmers markets are not as big a thing come spring/summer, maybe more personalized business? Could you set up a "booth" outside other "non-flower" business, like a coffee shop? That might tap into impulse buyers on their way somewhere.

"Pop up" shops are a wonderful idea, it would be nice to do it for free (to not have to pay a fee to set up), and to do it on my own terms/time. I think I'm going to focus on subscriptions and personal orders next year and skip the farmer's market.

Order online? Click? Delivery set days 1x or 2x / week to Strathmore?

I have always had this store to order online ;) and my delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays to Strathmore, Langdon and Chestermere.

Could you send a quick message when you deliver the flowers/set them down or ring the bell and leave, just so that we know it is there so they don’t sit out in the step longer than needed if we are home.

Yes, this is absolutely something I want to improve on for the 2021 growing season.

I would love the option for a U-pick! Will you open up your farm for that this season?

This is probably my most requested thing for the 2021 growing season, and I have given it a lot of thought. I talked about it with my husband, and talked to our insurance provider, and the risk and cost really outweighs the benefit for us to have customers on site for these types of events. We have 2 dogs, dozens of chickens, and too many potential 'hazards' to safely be able to host customers. I am looking into the possibility of hosting a workshop or make a bouquet and paint night type-options depending on the state of the pandemic this summer of 2021.

Try to be less personal about your issues we all have them, but I’d keep it to family and friends a bit more not on social media.

On my Instagram and Facebook page I have shared that I live with anxiety. This is a big part of who I am, and I am a big mental health advocate. This is something that I am very passionate about, but I also do believe in a balance on my business page. I want to share with you that life isn't always flowers and rainbows---I want to share my joys and successes, but also my struggles and failures. I think it humanizes the person behind the business and I, personally, like to get to know the person running the small business as a customer myself. I fully acknowledge that this isn't comfortable for everyone, and if you just follow to purchase flowers and support my business: THANK YOU! I understand if you want to unfollow my stories or posts, because I don't plan on changing who I am because a handful of people are a bit uncomfortable hearing about mental health; I'm doing my part to break the stigma.

Do you have a question you want addressed on this page? Please let me know!