I take customer questions and concerns with thoughtful consideration, and would like to grow my business to improve our relationship.

When is my order being shipped or delivered?

You will get an email to confirm that your order has been received, you will get another email when your order is being prepared for delivery, out for delivery, and again when it has been delivered. If you have ordered an item to be shipped, you will get an email confirming that your order has been shipped with tracking information, if applicable. I truly appreciate your patience in this matter; please don't send emails asking when your items will be delivered/shipped if possible---I promise that your order has not been forgotten. To ensure you are getting emails from me, make sure Shopify is in your safe senders list and check your promotional emails as well if you have a Gmail account.

Do you do weddings?

The short answer is no. I will, however, sell flowers by the bucket for August and September weddings if you are wanting to DIY your flowers or hire your own designer. I am very happy to recommend local florists for your wedding needs.

I would love the option for a U-pick! Will you open up your farm for that?

This is probably my most requested thing for any growing season, and I have given it a lot of thought. I talked about it with my husband, and talked to our insurance provider, and the risk and cost really outweighs the benefit for us to have customers on site for these types of events. We have a dog, dozens of chickens, ducks and geese, and too many potential hazards to safely be able to host customers. In lieu of hosting people on-site, I offer a fresh bucket of flowers so you can have a variety of flowers to make your own bouquets as if you were here and picked them yourself!

Can I please stop by for a visit and tour the farm? Can I pick your brain about flowers?

This falls in the same answer as above: I’m just not set up for farm visits, farm tours and coaching. The liability is too high, and honestly, this is why I stopped offering our farm as a pick up location for bouquets for a time. So many people want to stop and visit and have a tour, and I am too busy working with the flowers, our dozens of animals, the kids, and household tasks, I don’t have time to accommodate visits and tours. This is our home and I value our privacy and personal space. All farm pick ups are contactless porch pick ups only; please do not enter our home or any other buildings on our farm or walk around our yard.

Why did my order get cancelled?

If you selected to send me a bank deposit for your order and I didn't receive payment within 48 hours, your order is cancelled to restock those items. Unfortunately, I don't have time to send follow up emails to make sure orders are paid for. Sometimes I forget to adjust inventory on my website and stock is not in sale, in these instances your order will be cancelled and 100% refunded.