Delivery and Pick Up Information

I'm pleased to offer my flowers for delivery in a pretty large service range. Deliveries are offered only on Tuesdays during the growing season.

For the 2024 season, prices are as follows for delivery to:

  • Standard $5
  • Rockyford, Hussar and Rosebud $15
  • Strathmore $15
  • Rural Strathmore/Wheatland County, Gleichen, Cluny $20
  • Calgary (wholesale only): $30---may be split for multiple deliveries

When you purchase flowers for delivery, you are accepting the responsibility of being home to receive them, or have someone receive them for you so they do not get damaged by the elements. 

I cannot guarantee a delivery time, but if you did your online checkout correctly, you will receive an email when your order is out for delivery and another email when they have been dropped off. Please make sure you add "Shopify" to your safe senders in your email and check your junk mail just in case as well as under the "promotional" emails if you use Gmail.

If you ordered flowers to be delivered for someone else, I will always knock/ring the doorbell so they receive their flowers, otherwise I am doing contactless porch drop off; this keeps me on time with all the deliveries I have to do.

If I do not feel safe approaching your home due to obstacles, gates, animals, etc, I will leave the flowers in the best place I can, and let you know immediately that I could not get to your home; I cannot take liability if anything happens to your flowers after delivery.  

Special Rural Delivery Note

If I am delivering to a rural address, I require a blue sign number and a location pin texted or emailed to me. I will not deliver to addresses that have a gate unless arranged previously that it will be open for me and I don't have to wait.

I went into the wrong yard once and the resident came onto their porch with a gun. I really don't want to be trespassing in rural yards for my own safety, and thus I am requiring a precise delivery location. If I feel that it is unsafe for me to deliver to a certain area, I will let you know and issue a full refund.

Local Pick Up

The only pick up location I have now is our farm; contactless porch pick up only. I ask that you kindly respect that this is our home and to not enter our home or any other buildings on our farm and to not help yourself to look around and/or bother our animals. We have one dog that might be outside at the time of your pick up. He is friendly and does not jump, but if you have a fear of dogs I cannot guarantee he won't be out, so pick up is not a good option for you.


I am flexible with my pick up days and times, as long as I am home, we can discuss pick up via email after your order is placed.

Location pin/directions will be emailed to you after you place your order. Absolutely no field tours at pick up, thank you.

Strathmore Pick Up

For the 2024 season I am no longer offering pick up at Lil Hoots Boutique in Strathmore. I am very grateful to the store for opening up their doors for pick ups the last 4 years, however, there have been too many negative experiences with unreasonable customers over the years, and I am not willing to expose the Lil Hoots staff to this anymore.