5 Tips For Dahlia Tuber Sales

5 Tips For Dahlia Tuber Sales

It's that time of year when dahlia sales are popping up left, right and centre, and I think the dahlia craze is still stronger than ever. I know you want to have the best shopping experience you can, so I wanted to share tips as a dahlia tuber seller, but also as an avid customer who has shopped many a sale!

1) Make sure you have an account on the website. Most tuber sales are held on the Shopify platform, such as mine. If you've shopped with me before, you have an account, so make sure you can sign in long before the sale starts so you can make any changes you need to make. If it is a Shopify website, make sure you also have a Shopify account, and if you pay with ShopPay, it has all your information saved for a speedy checkout.

2) Purchase what you want most, then go back for more. This is how I've been successful in sales: I go for only one variety and call it a day. If there's more than one variety, I might enlist the help of a friend to shop at the same time as me, or I just suck it up, go back and pay double shipping. For my sale, you can combine two orders to pay one shipping fee this year.

3) Use the wishlist feature. I did have a wishlist app on my store last year and it worked for some, didn't work for others. This year, I have a new wishlist app that comes highly recommended, so I'm confident this will be a trusted feature to use this year.

4) Always sign up for newsletters. This is the only reliable way for small businesses to reach their customers. Yes, sometimes emails get shuffled to junk folders, but if a customer signs up for an newsletter, they'll get the email. Not everyone sees social media posts, so it's always smart to sign up for newsletters so you do not miss any special announcements or discounts from farms.

5) Be patient and understanding. I know how discouraging it can be to miss out on something that you were really looking forward to, but not everyone will be able to get what they want. There's lots of other really amazing farms in Canada to purchase from, so keep your eyes out for different sales.

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