How To Take Care of Your Flowers

You've just received your bouquet of flowers, now what? Well, I want you to know that they have been freshly harvested from the garden within the last 24 hours, or sooner, in the early morning or late evening for the best vase life. 

Flower Fullness

Depending on the variety of flower, you may receive buds that are barely open, or flowers that are in full bloom. Unless they are a bouquet of dahlias or zinnias, which I harvest when fully open, your flowers will continue to open, fill out, and bloom as they are at home with you. So, if your large bouquet doesn't seem to be that large, just wait a day or two until the flowers are fully opened, this ensures you get to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Flower Preservation

I dip my stems in a solution to hydrate them and also add flower food to the water if you receive your bouquet in a mason jar. Please start changing the vase water on day 2 or 3 of having your bouquet---fresh, clean, cool water will help them last the longest, and you can also cut a bit off the stems at an angle if you wish. 



How Long Will Your Bouquet Last?

Some varieties, like ranunculus, last 7-10 days, while other varieties like certain dahlias, may only last 3 days. I hope you enjoy them for however long they last and that the care and treatment I've provided for them help them maximize their vase life.

Ethylene gas from fruits, such as apples and pears, will also ripen your flowers and decrease their vase life, so please keep away from fruit.