Dahlia Babette

Dahlia Babette

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Can you tell that I'm going mainly for ball variety dahlias for the 2022 season? I want to compare how Babette does vs. Ivanetti, they both have very similar colouring.

Flower type: Ball

Flower size: 3.5" bloom

Flower colour: Deep wine purple/red tones

Height: 3’

Site: Full sun (at least 8 hours) well-draining soil

Plant spacing: 12-18”

Pinch: Yes, after 4-5 sets of true leaves

Shipping is available within Canada only and tubers will begin shipping as soon as the threat of frost has past, depending on your growing region---likely at the end of March/beginning of April! Price is for 1 tuber.

*Note: This dahlia has been purchased from a supplier and there is always a chance of mislabeled tubers sold to the buyer (me). I apologize if this ends up happening with these tubers, but until I can build my own stock and ensure they true stock, it's a risk that is present and that you take on when purchasing---no refunds offered.. Thank you.

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