Bouquet Subscriptions

Would you like to receive a bouquet of fresh cut, locally grown flowers every week? Or perhaps you might like to gift a bouquet of flowers every week to someone you love for Christmas or a birthday gift? Then my flower bouquet subscriptions might be the perfect fit for you!

In my introductory growing season for 2020, I sold 15 bouquet subscriptions, and it helped me get a feel for what supply I have in order to fulfill the demand for bouquets for growing seasons to come.

For the 2021 growing season I will be offering 20 bouquet subscriptions, with the possibility of adding more closer to August.

What is a Bouquet Subscription?

We can subscribe to monthly "everything" it seems! Magazines, toothbrushes, meal kits, Amazon products, so why not fresh flowers? I'm offering a fresh cut flower bouquet subscription with pick up or delivery options available.

What Bouquet Subscriptions Do You Offer?

For the 2021 growing season I offering a large sized mason jar or flower sleeve bouquet delivered to you, or available for pick up on Tuesdays or Fridays in the month of August (heading into September), so that is a 5 week bouquet subscription.

New for 2021, in case a weekly flower subscription doesn't suit your needs, I have decided to also offer a limited amount of monthly subscriptions. One bouquet in the months of June, July, August and September. I also have a new biweekly subscription that consists of 5 bouquets delivered or picked up every other week, starting in July.

How Much Does it Cost?

There will be a savings of $3 per bouquet when purchasing a subscription. In 2021 I will be charging $25 for a large bouquet, so your subscription cost will be $22 per large bouquet; $110 for the August subscription or $88 for the monthly subscription plus any added delivery fees.

Do You Offer Delivery or Pick Up?

Both. I will add a delivery fee of $5 per week to rural Wheatland County residents including Standard, Rockyford, Hussar, Gleichen and Rosebud. Delivery to Strathmore will be $7 per week as well. Porch pick up at my home/farm will available for free. I am unable to deliver to Calgary at this time, however, I have partnered again with Lil Hoots Boutique in Strathmore as a pick-up option and added a new location in Chestermere for pick up at The Lakeshore Spa.

If you are away from home for any of the delivery dates, please send me an email the week of the delivery and I can drop it off somewhere else.

New for 2021, I am going to open up my subscriptions to Langdon and Chestermere, however there will be a $12 delivery charge per week as the trips are 80+ kilometers one way for me. Pick up is available in Chestermere at The Lakeshore Spa, but I still need to charge a delivery fee as it is so far away, but you will save $4 on the fee.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

I am so sorry, but no, you cannot cancel a subscription once you start. If you are finding that you are not loving the flowers as much as you thought you would, I'd love to talk to you to see what I can do to make it better. As an alternate solution, perhaps you can transfer your flower subscription to someone in your place, and collect any monies owed from that person wishing to take over your subscription. I would be happy to update the subscription information

Can I Request Certain Flowers or Colours in my Bouquet?

All bouquets in my subscriptions will be a mixed bouquet of whatever is fresh and in season and they will all be the same for every subscriber. It would be too confusing to offer specialty bouquets to every subscriber, I think my head would spin and I would make too many mistakes :) However, if you are looking for a custom bouquet at any time, please feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to customize something with you!